Technical Engineering Service

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Technical engineering services are provided through subsidiary companies in the following areas:

  • Design and Supervision

The design and supervision process of the Vandidad Design Engineering Company ranked first in design and supervision by the Tehran Engineering Organization. Vandidad Company, with the use of experienced specialists, provides architectural, structural, electrical, commercial, and residential building services consultation and design based on project location and requirements. The company considers project needs and client requirements to provide the best and most economical options using modern building design methods by international standards and Iranian national regulations. Vandidad also utilizes innovative construction materials and methods, reducing the dimensions and consumption of metals.

Additionally, thorough and principled supervision during various construction stages allows us for identifying and resolving potential issues and barriers, with constant provision of necessary technical recommendations.

  • Participation in Construction and Implementation

In order to implement high-quality buildings across the city and apply new construction methods in the industry, the Vandidad Group, in collaboration with its subsidiary companies, Banian Namad Exon (BANA) and Behdis Saman Amin (BASA), with different methods in implementing the value engineering concepts, sustainable construction methods and the function of knowledge-based products in construction is to provide services in the field of construction and implementation and investment.

Exploiting specialized knowledge and experience optimizes financial resources, human capital, and project completion times for construction projects.

  • Concrete and Soil Testing

Test Consulting Engineering Company (Tasbit Saman-e-Tahkim), another Vandidad subsidiary accredited by the Tehran Engineering Organization, operates a well-equipped laboratory for geotechnical studies and concrete testing in urban projects. The company collaborates with its research and development department, providing specialized services and benefiting from the department's study results for further development.