Subsidiary Companies


The Engineering Group of Vandidad, with a comprehensive approach towards sustainable development and a broad perspective in the application of modern technologies in the construction industry, has established specialized companies in the fields of design, supervision, implementation, soil and concrete testing, and production of knowledge-based concrete products to provide technical services across all related sectors in the construction chain. Each of these subsidiary companies, equipped with a team of specialized and experienced personnel, is responsible for a specific part of the technical and executive process in the construction industry and strives to effectively contribute to the expansion of the use of innovative concrete products in collaboration with other departments of this group.


Sepehr Beton Factory  (Vandidad)

Vandidad concrete manufacturing plant (Sepehr Beton Factory) is a knowledge-based company established in 2013 to improve the technology and quality of production of all kinds of concrete and concrete products, using the technical knowledge of distinguished graduates of the best universities, experienced and efficient personnel, as well as applying standards and the latest researches in the world.

With the help of a dynamic Research and Development department (R&D), which is one of the strengths of Vandidad, and modern laboratory equipment and new methods, this producing group has succeeded in making special concretes ...continue.


Tasbit Saman Tahkim Consulting Engineers  (TEST)

In 2013, a group of distinguished graduates, in cooperation with Vandidad Company, established Tasbit Saman Tahkim Consulting Engineers (test) to meet the group's need to perform specialized tests related to new concrete products and conduct concrete and soil mechanics tests for building design and construction.

This company has a professional qualification license from the Ministry of Road and Urban Development with its up-to-date equipped laboratory...continue.


Banyan Namad Exon Company  (BANA)

Banyan Namad Exon Company (BANA) has been established with a professional qualification license from the Ministry of Road and Urban Development (implementation field) to improve the quality of urban construction and to apply new methods in the construction industry. This company contracting in two ways, project management and consulting in implementation, ...continue.


Behdis Saman Amin Knowledge-based company  (BASA)

In order to invest in the mass production of housing, this company was established in 2011 by experienced engineers using new concrete products and up-to-date construction methods. Numerous projects built by this company have been pioneers in designing and applying new concrete products, including Structural Ultra-lightweight Nano Concrete and precast panels, and caused a changeover in the country's construction culture. ...continue.