Goals and Vision

Undoubtedly, one of the most important parts of strategic planning is setting goals and vision. Working in an industrial production unit based on free competition requires the definition of a roadmap and drawing the horizon of the company's activities. The significant increase in the number of construction and production companies in the country, besides the presence of experienced companies, show the importance and necessity of planning, organizing, managing, and adopting appropriate measures and equipment for leading companies.

Vandidad Engineering Design Company, in line with its main slogan, "Today's needs - New technology, relying on the world's technical knowledge and based on continuous research and development, and employing Iranian experts, in the field of producing special concretes and customized prefabricated components, and engineering services based on it become the best in the country, and among the leading companies in this industry in the world.

Unique and Pioneer

Vandidad Design Engineering Company is one of the reliable companies in the production of special concrete and prefabricated concrete components, design and implementation of construction projects, building mass production, and geotechnical and concrete testing. Also, to improve the company's rank at the national and international levels, this company is diligently seeking to enhance quality in all fields and introduce new products and technologies with the approach of creating unique and long-lasting buildings.


Emphasizing the goal of customer satisfaction, continuous optimization in providing services, improving the quality of project implementation stages and the systems governing the company, the preservation of the environment, and the protection of human beings are at the top of its duties, and while commitment to the above and adherence to legal requirements and other obligations, ask his employees, considered the most valuable resources of the company, to strive to achieve our organizational goals by fully understanding the expectations of employers and other interested parties.

Innovative and Updated

To achieve the above goals, this company emphasizes the use of new management systems, and to accomplish these demands, it uses the latest world standards, technologies, and implementation methods.

Social Ethics

Vandidad Engineering Design Company considers honesty, trustworthiness, transparency, and satisfaction of customers and beneficiaries as the most important factors of progress at the national and international levels and considers itself obliged to implement them.