Exposed Pre-cast Panels

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Exposed Pre-cast concrete panels are manufactured in a factory using pre-made mold designed and made based on their application. Due to their smooth and polished surface, these panels are suitable for the final coating on the facade of the building, flooring, and interior spaces (floors and bodies). Because of their prefabrication and modular dimensions, they are the appropriate alternatives for interior and exterior design, executable in all seasons of the year. They are easy to implement and significantly reduce facade construction costs.

The panels used for the exterior of the building have the necessary resistance against changing weather conditions and prevent water from entering the lower layers of the structure.


Advantages of using prefabricated panels
  • The possibility of installing panels with different methods: dry or wet (glue or adhesive mortars)
  • Flexibility in design and implementation
  • Ability to perform in all seasons and all regions far from concrete-producing factories


Installation methods of pre-cast panels

In this method, concrete panels are glued on the surface using sand and cement mortar.

Dry installation

In the dry installation method, it is possible to design in various ways. Below we introduce some of the most commonly used ones.

  • Placement of metal parts inside the panels and installation using metal substructure and fittings such as corners and screws
  • Installation using metal substructure and screwing the panels to the substructure