Vandidad Engineering Design Company was established in 2005 by a group of outstanding graduates from all over the country. During many years of activity in producing special concretes, participating in construction and infrastructure projects, using new products and technologies, and relying on new knowledge and existing facilities, Vandidad company -one of the pioneers of knowledge-based companies active in applying nanotechnology in the concrete industry- has made significant achievements in building industry.

In this regard, The Research and Development department of this knowledge-based company, for the first time in the country's concrete industry, has achieved unparalleled honors in producing Structural Ultra Lightweight Nano Concrete and related products confirmed by reputable domestic and international authorities and shown noticeable progress in this industry.

Vandidad company is the first and only exclusive producer of ready-mix and dry-packed special concrete in the country, and exposed prefabricated concrete components with low specific weight are one of the other unique products of this company.

Bringing together an experienced and qualified team of managers and prominent engineers, as well as equipping an up-to-date geotechnical and concrete laboratory; in addition to the technical and engineering requirements for its products, this company provides all engineering services in the construction field, including design, supervision, execution, contract management, and geotechnical and concrete tests.

Using the experience and proficiency of its specialists, Vandidad has always tried to provide the best services and satisfy the customers.