The internship is planned to acquaint students in the final years of their bachelor's degree with the working environments of businesses or to gain valuable work and professional experience for new graduates in the labor market. Most executive, industrial, and artistic or skill-based occupations require an internship. This era is an opportunity for job seekers to take advantage of being in the industrial production units or big projects with experienced people; thus, in addition to familiarizing themselves with executive methods and professional environment, by strengthening their resume, they have the opportunity to get a better job in future. These courses implements as official university internships or unpaid working agreements with employers.

An ideal opportunity for students

One of the most severe problems that many graduates face is the lack of practical experience, or in other words, the absence of a professional resume, which hurts their future careers. The internship course provides a golden opportunity to be present in successful industrial, commercial, and service environments, where students and graduates can gain valuable experiences without worrying about the responsibilities and consequences of a job.

Some of the most important benefits of the internship are as follows:

  • Getting to know work environments, engineers' duties, and the needs of industries and organizations
  •  The possibility of exchanging experiences with other students during the internship and also after its completion
  • Recognizing their professional interests
  • Applying creativity in solving the problems encountered during the internship (which, in many cases, can be solved with simple solutions)
  •  The possibility of implementing the methods and techniques learned in the university in a real environment
  • Creating an opportunity to continue cooperation with the relevant company/organization (Some people have received job offers from the organization by properly demonstrating their abilities during the internship period)
  •  Familiarity with many legal issues and administrative relations on the side (such as labor laws, insurance, taxes, and internal rules and regulations of organizations)
  • Introducing up-to-date university tools and methods to companies and organizations and encouraging them to implement such techniques in order to optimize processes (this advantage will both help the relevant organization and will be the basis for future cooperation opportunities between the student and the organization)
  •  Increasing the trainee's self-confidence through the development of problem-solving ability and readiness for future work opportunities

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