High Performance Concrete (HPC)

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High Performance Concrete

Although the compressive strength of concrete is a primary factor in the design of structures, in many cases, other characteristics of concrete including workability, initial strength, durability, permeability, resistance to destructive factors, specific gravity, hydration temperature, and so on, become more impressive. High-Performance Concrete (HPC) responds to the mentioned requirements of the consumer. This type of concrete is more efficient than ordinary concrete. It can maintain its properties throughout the lifetime of the structure. Ease of placement and consolidation of HPC speed up concreting, especially where the rebar density is high.

HPC features include high performance, proper setting time, and increased resistance. In HPC, the water-cement ratio is lower than in conventional concrete. HPC includes silica fume. In such concretes, superplasticizers are necessary to achieve suitable performance in low water-cement ratios. HPC-resistant aggregates should have some properties. For example, these aggregates are not weathered and are usually in small size with low porosity.