Prefabricated Concrete Components

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Today, concrete is one of the most widely used materials in the world, and one of the methods for using it in structures is prefabrication. Prefabricated concrete segments were used for the first time in the 1950s and 1960s, and their application became more popular gradually due to their many advantages, such as the significant increase in construction speed.

Since using prefabricated concrete components speeds up project implementation, project costs reduce enormously. In addition, due to the possibility of proper quality control during construction, compliance codes and standards, and the use of high-quality materials, prefabricated concrete components have high quality, durability, and resistance. Another significant advantage of this method is the possibility of installation in all seasons and weather conditions.



Some of the advantages of prefabricated components are:
  • Centralization of most of the manufacturing steps in the factory and reduction of execution costs
  • Improving the quality of components, thus better quality-control of industrial production
  • Using concrete with greater characteristic strength due to better production conditions and the possibility of continuous control over the quality of concrete
  • Increasing the efficiency of human resources due to the possibility of proper planning of the production line, suitable working conditions in the factory, and reducing useless workshop activities.
  • Increasing the productivity of equipment due to their frequent use
  • Shortening the construction time
  • Reducing the effect of seasonal and weather conditions on construction
  • Transforming traditional construction methods into a series of industrial production activities


The types of prefabricated concrete components producing in the Vandidad factory are:
  • Exposed pre-cast panels
  • Prefabricated concrete components (Customized)
  • Customized prefabricated segments using Structural Ultra Lightweight Nano-Concrete
  • Prefabricated Composite Slabs
  • Partial depth precast deck panels (for bridges)
  • Pre-stressed beams


product groups
Exposed Pre-cast Panels
Exposed Pre-cast Panels

Exposed Pre-cast concrete panels are manufactured in a factory using pre-made mold designed and made ...

Customized Prefabricated Concrete Components
Customized Prefabricated Concrete Components

The Research and Development team of Vandidad Company, after carefully assessing the parameters of t ...