Vandidad concrete manufacturing plant (Sepehr Beton)

Behdis Saman Amin (BASA), trading under the name Sepehr Beton-e-Vandidad, stands as a knowledge-based company with the primary goal of enhancing production technology and the quality of various concrete and prefabricated components. Additionally, the mission of this manufacturing complex includes promoting the utilization of knowledge-based products in housing construction. This organization benefits from the technical knowledge of distinguished graduates of the best universities, the latest standards and research in the world, and the presence of experienced and efficient personnel.

With the help of a dynamic Research and Development (R&D) unit, which is one of the strengths of this manufacturing complex, along with innovative laboratory equipment and new methods, has succeeded in producing various special concretes using nanotechnology. Relying on the properties of these concretes, the manufacturing complex has designed and produced various qualified and highly efficient customized concrete components and has achieved numerous honors and technical certificates from reputable domestic and international authorities in this field.

The difference in the quality of concrete produced by different companies lies in the selection of raw materials, mixing designs, and construction technologies. This organization, equipped with production process control apparatus and systems, and most importantly, specialized and experienced Technicians in the field of concrete technology, has been able to supply high-quality concretes to the market. Some of the key procedures meticulously supervised in this organization include:

  • Selecting an optimal mixing design based on precise measurement of the physical and chemical properties of additives and aggregates in the laboratory.
  • Storage of various materials including sand, gravel, cement, liquid and powdered additives in dedicated tanks under standard conditions. This is particularly important for special concretes that require specific mineral and chemical additives and high-quality raw materials.
  • Adherence to the precise water-to-cement ratio achievable by controlling the uniformity of water content in aggregate materials.
  • Implementation of a permanent quality control system alongside the production system.

Furthermore, this organization has pioneered the production of dry-packed concrete in the country for the first time, which enables the use of various specialty concretes produced by this factory all-around the country and even abroad. It has also addressed many implementation issues of concrete projects by solving problems related to the providing and transportation of ready-mixed concrete in small volumes or unpredictable timeframes.

The features and facilities of this company are brief:

  • Production capacity of 170,000 cubic meters of ready-mixed and packaged concrete.
  • Production of various types of concretes (HSC, HPC, SCC, RCC, SLWC).
  • Production of various types of exposed concretes with custom colors, textures, and strengths for various applications, tailored to the client's needs and projects.
  • Iran's standard certificate for ready-mixed concrete up to the 50 Mpa.
  • Approval by the “IRAN Nanotechnology Innovation Council” and “Road, Housing & Urban Development Research Center” for special products.
  • Rigorous quality supervision throughout the production process from providing raw materials to the final product.
  • Systematic approach in the production process (based on the implementation of an integrated management system).
  • Real-time monitoring of the production line and the ability to provide reports on the quantity of dispatched loads upon request.
  • Operation of three production lines for concrete components, ready-mixed concrete, and special concretes in ready and dry-packed techniques.
  • Regular calibration of weighing devices and laboratory equipment.
  • Equipped and efficient laboratory for conducting Research and Development department’s tests.
  • Provision of consultancy by experienced adepts in the concreting the projects.