Vandidad concrete manufacturing plant (Sepehr Beton)

Vandidad concrete manufacturing plant (Sepehr Beton) is a knowledge-based company established in 2013 to improve the technology and quality of production of all kinds of concrete and concrete products, using the technical knowledge of distinguished graduates of the best universities, experienced and efficient personnel, as well as applying standards and the latest researches in the world.

With the help of a dynamic Research and Development department (R&D), which is one of the strengths of Vandidad, and modern laboratory equipment and new methods, this producing group has succeeded in making special concretes with nanotechnology as well as high-quality prefabricated concrete components, and has won unique honors in this field, which the technical approvals of domestic and international authorities also confirm these remarkable developments.

Also, for the first time in the country, this group has started to produce and offer all kinds of concrete in dry and packaged form, which makes it possible to use the special concrete produced by this factory all over the country and even abroad. As well as many implementation problems, it has solved transporting problems in concrete projects, especially for small volumes.


The features and facilities of this company are brief:
  • Production capacity of 170,000 cubic meters of ready-mix and dry-packed concrete.
  • Strict quality inspection in the entire production process.
  • Production of special types of concrete, with individual mix design for different situations and applications, according to the needs of the client's project (High Strength Concrete and Structural Ultra Lightweight Nano Concrete)
  • Manufacturer of all types of concrete (SLWC, SCC, RCC, HSC, HPC)
  • Iran's standard certification for ready-mixed concrete up to the 50 Mpa (characteristic strength)
  • Providing advice by the company's experts in the concreting process.
  • System-oriented approach in the production process (based on the establishment of an integrated management system)
  • Three production lines for prefabricated concrete components, ready-mix Normal Concrete, and customised special concretes: dry-packed or ready-mix
  • Regular calibration of weighing devices and laboratory equipment
  • Monitoring of the production line and the possibility of reporting the exact amount of product shipped at any time upon request
  • High quality raw materials
  • Well-equipped and efficient laboratory for conducting Research and Development Department tests