Dry Packed Concrete

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All special concretes produced by Vandidad Company (High Strength Concrete, Structural Ultra Lightweight Nano-Concrete, High-Performance Concrete, and so on) are dry-packed with precise controls on all stages (selection, weighing, and mixing of the materials) and sent to the construction site. 50, 100, 200, and 1000 Kg packages are available. In addition to guaranteeing the quality of the products, this technique has also solved the problem of transportation distance, and enables the constructors to use these special concretes at any distance from the factory.


The importance of using dry-packed concrete

Transportation of ready-mixed concrete over long distances (more than 30 minutes) is always a problem that prevents the use of ready-mixed concrete. Also, owners resist using ready-mixed concretes in columns, which are often very small in volume; Concrete is generally made on the construction site with traditional methods and without concrete mix design and lacks the desired quality. On the other hand, most concretes, particularly the special ones, is produced in factories outside the city and mostly in industrial parks. On the other hand, the water absorption of aggregates used in these concretes is very variable, so even transportation over short distances may produce some quality problems.

In this production method, due to the importance of carefully selecting the type and amount of cement, aggregates, and admixtures, as their effect on the strength and durability of the final product, all the materials are mixed and packed dry under the supervision of quality control experts in the factory. Then, the dry product is transported to the construction site; wherever, mixed with water according to the instructions, and consumed immediately.

Specialized fields of using this product
  • Building Industry
  • Bridge
  • Tunnel
  • Railway

The most significant achievements of this product
  • Eliminating the hydration and setting of concrete along the way by removing water from the mixture during the transportation process
  • Guaranteed quality control in the factory's quality control unit and its ability to be mixed in the most remote construction sites


Technical specifications of different types of Dry-packed Concrete