Behdis Saman Amin Knowledge-based company (BASA)

In order to invest in the mass production of housing, this company was established in 2011 by experienced engineers using new concrete products and up-to-date construction methods. Numerous projects built by this company have been pioneers in designing and applying new concrete products, including Structural Ultra-lightweight Nano Concrete and precast panels, and caused a changeover in the country's construction culture.


The goals BASA pursues:
  • Using new management methods and new technologies in construction
  • Presence in the mass production field in the country
  • Identifying employment opportunities and increasing assets for sustainable growth and development
  • Training specialized human resources to resume sustainable development throughout the country
  • Promoting the use of new concrete products and prefabricated components of Vendidad
  • Developing the use of industrial manufacturing methods such as prefabrication