Research and Development Department

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The importance of research and development in the growth and preservation of the market and competitiveness in the industry and economic activities is evident. The establishment and continuous participation of the Research and Development Department in improving production, branding, and obtaining new products and suitable markets for them is the most impressive factor in the growth of an industrial and production company.

The Research and Development Department of Vandidad company was established to evaluate the company’s strengths and weaknesses, to match the strengths to opportunities in the market, and turn the weaknesses into strengths. The R&D team has many tasks, such as defining goals and missions, providing strategic plans to achieve them, optimizing research processes, developing short-term, medium-term, and long-term roadmaps for ameliorating services and products, coordinating, informing, advertising, and introducing the products and services.

Vandidad Engineering Design Group has always been a pioneer in defining new research topics and trying to bring them to fruition. Some of the ideas that this department is currently examining in its various dimensions are as follows:

• Structural Ultra Lightweight Nano-Concretes in different weight and strength categories

• Dry Packed Concrete in different categories

• Self-Levelling mortar

• High Performance and High Strenght Concrete

• Exposed Prefabricated Concrete Components for interior decoration and facade of buildings

• Vandidad prefabricated composite slabs (VanDeck)