Geotechnical and Concrete Laboratory

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Test consulting engineers (Tasbit Saman Tahkim Consulting Engineers) is another subsidiary of Vandidad company. It has a professional qualification license from the Ministry of Road and Urban Development, with its up-to-date equipped laboratory carries out tests and presents detailed reports in the following fields:


Soil Mechanics and Geology Services:

  • Drilling operation along with casing and carrying out borehole investigations and soil sampling in an optimal way.
  • Manual drilling operations along with borehole investigations and soil sampling.
  • Identifying, checking and sampling, and conducting soil mechanics site testing.
  • Static and dynamic plate loading tests.
  • In-situ California Bearing Ratio (CBR).
  • Geological studies and preparation of relevant reports and preparation of seismicity reports.
  • Identifying loan sources, sampling, conducting relevant tests, and preparing technical reports.
  • Performing technical and mechanical soil tests according to ASTM, AASHTO, and other common standards.
  • Analysis and preparation of geotechnical reports (comprehensive and applied reports).


Concrete and Materials Testing:

• Sampling aggregates and other materials used in concrete, conducting relevant tests, and providing concrete mix design.

• Sampling fresh concrete on site, Slump test, and the quality controls of concrete during concreting.

• Maintaining concrete in standard conditions, performing compressive and Flexural strength tests, and preparing technical reports.

• Conducting all routine tests related to concrete according to ASTM and ACI standard methods.

• Conducting non-destructive tests of concrete with a Schmidt hammer and ultrasonic device.

• Preparing concrete Core test samples, capping, and determination of their compressive strength.

• Roof load test.