Design and Supervision Department

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The design unit of Vandidad company, having experienced engineers, provides consulting and design architecture, structure, electricity, and mechanical facilities of residential, commercial, and office buildings according to the situation and location of the project. Taking into account the requirements of the project and the employer's considerations, this department designs and presents the best and most economical option with the latest building design methods based on the current world regulations and the national standard of Iran. The use of new materials and manufacturing methods and the use of Vandidad's specific products, which leads to the reduction in structural segment dimensions and material consumption, are among the features of the Design Department.

Furthermore, during the construction of the project, the supervision unit of Vandidad company supervises the precise and accurate implementation of the project in different stages of construction, following the national regulations of Iran, and is responsible for the compliance of the execution plans with the construction of the project. This unit expertly predicts possible problems and obstacles during the execution and always provides the necessary technical suggestions to remove the existing ones.