Why Vandiddad


The difference among various quality degrees of concrete relates to the selection of raw materials, mix design, and manufacturing technologies. With the most modern equipment and production control systems, and especially managers and experts in the field of concrete, this company has been able to use the latest findings of concrete technology in producing all kinds of concrete. Some of the issues carefully observed in the Vandidad departments are as follows:

  • Finding the optimal mix design based on the exact physical and chemical properties of materials measured in the laboratory.
  • Dedicated storage tanks for each material, including sand, cement, water, liquid, and powder admixtures in standard conditions. It's necessary for special concretes requiring particular mineral and chemical admixtures and aggregates.
  • The possibility of precise control of the water-cement ratio, obtained by calculating the amount of water in the sand and gravel; for this purpose, the aggregates must have a uniform amount of water.
  • The quality control system for the production line constantly monitors the strict compliance of technical instructions with the design and production procedures.
  • An active and dynamic Research and Development unit that is constantly investigating new methods and technologies in the concrete industry and designs optimal products with customized specifications of customers, taking into account all of their needs.

The combination of these factors has made Vandidad products possess a unique quality.