Vandidad Engineering Design Company has always tried to produce and bring to market new and practical technologies to improve the level of satisfaction of customers and consumers. The general policy of this company can be summarized as follows:

  • Increasing the level of customer satisfaction
  • Upgrading and updating the technical knowledge and skills of managers and employees
  • Regular and continuous planning and activities to prevent work-related accidents and control harmful factors in the work environment
  • Continuous monitoring and planning to prevent environmental pollution (water, soil, and air) and reduce resource consumption
  • Developing participation and strengthening the sense of responsibility in all employees in front of employers, colleagues, and all beneficiaries
  • Optimizing the construction process using new technologies
  • Improving and developing the company's activities in the fields of design, testing, and production
  • Converting the name "Vandidad" to a well-known brand
  • Efforts to attend foreign markets and offer our qualified products